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Storm Roof Racks   
Strong, Versatile, Practical, Sleek, Unique Features, Built to Last, Stylish!
The Land Rover is pretty good as well
Photograph Courtesy of Andy Davies.  Defender 110 in the French alps

Important Notice

Due to the rapid growth of our other business interests, i.e. F leet Vehicle CCTV and International Anti-Piracy Shipping CCTV projects, we reluctantly have to suspend further production of the Storm Roof Rack.   This decision is not taken lightly and we apologise to those of you who would consider ordering the finest roof rack on the market.   We now have to put all our efforts and resources into the new project areas until such time we decide our next moves.   We have left the associated pages open and thank you for looking. If you wish to email us please feel free, on


Testimony printed by kind permission of Tim Dennis from
"I see Storm systems as the professional's choice of expedition equipment".
"After using other products I chose Storm as the only system to be able to
withstand thousands of miles of gravel in Siberia and most amazingly the
ability to hold its strength in sub-zero temperatures in the Arctic, as low
as -49° standing and wind-chill to -75°". 
"The welding and extra strength with the ability to have a roof rack bespoke
made, or to be adapted to our own individual needs, every over-lander has
a different idea of what they want to do with it".
"Storm is the ultimate expedition rack, the only rack you will ever need"
"Thank you for your kind words and affirmation of our product Tim".  "We wish you well on your travels and World mission of helping others".
Protected by Patent GB2440928, plus Intellectual Property Office Certificates of Registered Designs
Our Patent Application for the Storm Modular Roof Rack was granted in October 2011
We are now looking for the right business partner to help us take this project forward.   If you are interested please write to the address below.
Built to last
Probably the finest roof rack available
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