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Expedition, Overland, Commercial, Military, Professional Roof Racks.  Incorporating Storm4x4

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We are a family run business with focus on customer demands for service, first class products and future develoment
Our Storm Roof Rack product development started in 2004.
Because of the roof racks unique attributes we obtained a Patent on the design features.  We also own a Patent on the Worlds first expanding roof rack.
We have since obtained Certificates of Design Registrations from the Patent Office for components such as the fixings, profiles, securing brackets and clamps, plus the overall rack design.
The rack is completely recyclable, however having said that we have deliberately designed the racks with a life-time expectancy, so the rack may never reach the scrap yard.
The rack is built completely in the UK by a specialist engineering company based in Portsmouth.  This engineering company has a reputation for quality, they regularly repair and develop items for the military.
Our design team are responsible for research and development of many security and safety items, not least mobile vehicle CCTV systems. 
Our future plan is to develop the Storm Roof Rack further to increase the potential range of supply for other vehicle makes and models.
The roof rack has been extensively tested round the world for 66,000 miles, fixed to a Toyota Land Cruiser owned by expedition/venturer Tim Dennis of Rambling Rat fame.
Tim has owned various roof racks prior to discovering the Storm Rack, I think Tim would agree with me that overall the storm rack is the best roof rack that he has ever used.