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Customers' and other sample images

Alan J's Land Rover Defender 90 fitted with 2.0 Mtr Storm Rack
Extra 1" added to support leg height to allow for retro fit of ladder and/or table brackets
Alan load tested the Storm Rack with 17 sheets of full size plaster board, 'not' recommended!
Tim Dennis, Rambling Rat I 
At Pro-Edge head office before he set out on his epic Round-The-World journey
Tim Dennis in Japan
Storm Roof Rack and Custom Made Sun Visor for Rambling Rat I 
Tim's journey took him through many Countries, completing a 66,000 mile journey.  
His Toyota crashed into a 4 feet deep hole on treacherous roads in Russia
Despite the crash-landing smashing his suspension, bending the front axle and snapping the ratchet straps on the roof rack, the Storm Roof Rack was unscathed
Grant's Land Rover 110 Double Cab
2.8Mtr Storm Rack with Ladder support to rear
Andy's Land Rover Defender 110 in the French Alps fitted with a 2.8Mtr Storm Rack.  He has now transferred the Storm Rack to his New Defender 
Pro-Edge Demonstration Vehicle Land Rover Defender 110 with 2.8Mtr Storm Rack
The Pre-Production Expanding Storm Rack was tested in the Sahara Desert.  The worlds first expanding roof rack
Protected by Patent GB 2440928 B plus Registered Designs
Out of 9 vehicles, the Pro-Edge test vehicle was the only one not to get stuck in the sand
The production rack is now 1/4 the weight of the test rack and even stronger
Photograph © Wayne Mitchelson
The desert equiped 110 Land Rover weighed in at over 3.5 tonnes 
2.8Mtr Storm Roof Rack on a Land Rover
Defender 110
The access slots allow the fitting of accessories without the need for drilling holes
The rack profile and other components are protected by Registered Design
2.8Mtr Storm Rack supplied with short support brackets keep the lines snug to the roof
Engineers Alan and Gerry at the factory workshop.  After the roof rack was fitted to Rat Car I, Alan informed me that Tim took him by surprise, when without warning, climbed on top of the roof rack and jumped up and down on every inch, finally announcing, "that's past the test, its good enough for me".
Engineer Directors Alan and Gerry at TUCO Developments Portsmouth
Gerry makes a mean cup of tea and has been known to pack away a big breakfast or two
 Alan with the World's first ever 'test example' expanding roof rack
Protected by Approved Patent
Measuring the 2.8Mtr rack on Tim Dennis's Toyota in preparation of attaching the custom made sun visor
2.8Mtr Storm Rack supplied with extra long support legs to clear the vehicle's roll cage
Wet feet, purely in the interests of testing of course! 
Superb strength to weight ratio and sleek lines, gives the Storm Roof Rack the edge
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